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World-Class Guide Academy
at Beautiful Lake Willoughby in Vermont

(September 29 - October 2, 2022)

24 Remarkable and Growth-Oriented People
sharing a Life-Altering and Legacy-Altering Experience
in order to Expedite and Expand their Positive Impact
on their Families, Friends, Teams, Clients and the World! 

Positive Impact Summit 1 - Scott Davis 2 (9-21).jpeg

This special event is only for people that have already
attained Great or higher on the Peak Performance Ladder. 


Here are the 8 Levels of the Peak Performance Ladder:

8) World-Class Master Guide

7) World-Class Guide

6) World-Class

5) Elite

4) Great

3) Good

2) OK

1) Not Good

World-Class Guide Academy is focused on guiding you in
achieving 3 Key Outcomes (and sustaining them for the rest of your life):

1) Attain World-Class and Peak Performance Lock-IN.  This is a state
of being at your absolute
best physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally
so that you can thrive both personally and professionally!  

This is when you gift your family your A Game 
while you continue
to be one of the top performers in your industry.


2) Becoming a World-Class Guide.  This is when someone who
has attained World-Class then elevates to intentionally and
systematically guide others up the Peak Performance Ladder. 

There are 7 Key Steps to being a World-Class Guide and
learning these is a key part of the Academy experience.

3) Leveraging the World-Class Guide Matrix (Jonathan Roche's
personal repository of books, book summaries, videos, articles, etc.)
to maximize your effectiveness as a World-Class Guide. 

You will receive lifetime access to the World-Class Guide Matrix
(a web-based software program that is continually
being improved and expanded by Jonathan and his team). 

Access to this powerful tool alone is worth
your investment in World-Class Academy!

WH Wedding (7-5-19) - Wedding Tent at Su
LW Beach View - 6-27-19.jpg

Take 3 days in Vermont to focus on yourself, your health, your energy, your vibe, your productivity, your leadership and your positive impact!

This special event is the #1 way to close the gap between who you currently are and who you have the potential to be (Jonathan calls this your Potential Gap).  Closing your Potential Gap is where true happiness, fulfillment and positive impact happen and this is what you will learn to master at World-Class Guide Academy!

Join Award-Winning Fitness Expert, Bestselling Author, 12-time Ironman Finisher and 27-time Boston Marathon Finisher Jonathan Roche for three Powerful and Life-Changing Days at beautiful Willoughby Haven in Vermont (this is Jonathan's private 4-acre vacation property with a 400-foot private beach with breathtaking views of the lake and mountains)!

You will leave this experience with the tools and personal roadmap (and ongoing support) to become the high-energy and healthy person that you truly deserve to be!  And you will be ready to become a World-Class Guide and then spend the rest of your life maximizing your positive impact on your family, friends, team, clients and community!

The Academy format is a combination of:

• A Meet & Greet Monday evening on the beach:

Lake W Retreat - Meet & Greet.JPG

• Non-Intimidating 30-minute Morning Workouts overlooking the lake each morning at 8AM:

• Presentations from Jonathan Roche on Key Topics:

• A Hike (We split into 3 groups - below is the view from the top of the hike):

• Cookouts (Wednesday and Thursday nights) and a Bonfire (Thursday night) overlooking the lake and mountains:

Here is an Overview of the 3 Days and some of the Key Topics:

Day 1: World-Class: Now is Your Time to become World-Class and stay World-Class forever!

• The 8 Key Habits to Attain World-Class (Personally and Professionally)
• The 7 World-Class Robbers and How to Avoid Them

• The 6 Life-Altering Tools that make Attaining World-Class (and keeping it) Inevitable

Day 2: World-Class Guide: This is the highest level of service and positive impact imaginable and once you attain it you will never go back!

• The 7 Key Values of being a World-Class Guide

• The 7 Key Standards of being a World-Class Guide

• The 7 Key Steps to being a World-Class Guide

• The World-Class Guide Matrix

Day 3: World-Class Master Guide: You have conquered becoming World-Class and becoming a World-Class Guide.  Now it's time to elevate to the very top of the Peak Performance Ladder: World-Class Master Guide!  You are now intentionally, purposely and systematically guiding specially chosen others (possibly your children) in attaining the level of World-Class Guide.

• The 5 Key Values of being a World-Class Master Guide

• The 5 Key Standards of being World-Class Master Guide

• The 5 Key Steps to being a World-Class Master Guide

When:  Thursday, 9/29/22 (the Meet-and-Greet is from 6-8PM) through Sunday, 10/2/22 

• Lunch will be provided Friday, Saturday and Sunday and dinner will be provided Friday and Saturday.

Where:  Westmore, Vermont on beautiful Lake Willoughby at Willoughby Haven (2 hours from Burlington Airport and 3 hours from Boston).  This beautiful 4-acre private property is right on the lake with 400 feet of private beach.  

Number of Participants: Limited to 24. 

Accommodations:  Please note that Accommodations are not included in your Retreat fee.  See below for options.

Airport:  Lake Willoughby is a 2 hour ride from Burlington Airport so you will need a rental car or meet up with other participants (this is what many participants have done in the past) and share a ride or car.  The ride is absolutely beautiful as it is through rolling mountains.

Cancellation Policy:  If a family situation comes up or you have an emergency you can defer to a future Academy (the cut-off for this is up through 60 days prior to the start of the Academy). 

Guaranteed Satisfaction Policy:  If you don’t think that the World-Class Guide Academy was the best money you have ever invested in your health then you can request a full refund at the end.  No questions asked.

Fee: $3,997 Per Person


Click here for One Academy Spot ($3,997) 

Click here for Two Academy Spots ($7,494 - Save $500)


Accommodations:  As noted above, Accommodations are not included in your Academy fee.

There are many other accommodation options around the lake:


• The WilloughVale Inn and Cottages: (1 mile from the Retreat).  Call (800) 594-9102 to book your room or cabin.

• The Vermont Mountain Lake Cottages: (.5 of a mile from the Retreat).  Call (802) 525-3072 to book your cottage.

• Green Acres Cabins: (.75 of a mile from the Retreat).  Call (802) 525-3722 to book your cabin.


• The Burke Mountain Hotel: (20 miles from the Retreat).  Call (866) 966-4820 to book your room (they have 110 rooms).

• You can also use or by searching for Westmore, VT.

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