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Online Coaching Program

Award-Winning Fitness Expert, Bestselling Author, 27-time Boston Marathon Finisher and 12-time Ironman Triathlon Finisher Jonathan Roche will be your guide to achieve Peak Performance Lock-IN!

Peak Performance Lock-IN is a state of being at your absolute best physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally so that you can thrive both personally and professionally!

Jonathan is the Peak Performance Coach for Professional Athletes, College Athletes, CEOs and other leaders from some of the largest companies in the US.  In addition, he guides teams in attaining Peak Performance through Monthly Team Calls and Keynote Speaking Engagements!


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The No Excuses Diet - BOOK COVER - FRONT

Jonathan guides the Peak365 Online Coaching Team in 6 Key Ways:

1) Control your Mindset (this is the true battleground and your biggest opportunity)

2) Optimizing your Habits (including focusing, pacing, time management, re-charging and self-care)

3) Actualizing your True Potential

4) Taking on and Beating your Real Competitors (your Negative Voice and your Prior Self - not other athletes or other companies in your market)

5) Achieving Healthy Longevity and Extending Your Career (we don't feel our age, we feel our habits)
6) Elevating Your Leadership (what Jonathan refers to as attaining Extreme Leadership)

This is all set in motion by you developing and maintaining 24 Peak Performance Habits (8 Mindset Habits, 8 Exercise Habits and 8 Nutrition Habits).  You track them each week along with your Energy Score, Stress Score and weight and this all helps you stay accountable. 

The ultimate goal is to lead you in achieving Peak Performance Lock-In and to closing your Potential GAP (the gap between who you are and who you have the potential to be)! 

Here is a List of the Unique and Powerful Features of the Peak365 Coaching Program:

1)  Jonathan as your Mentor, Guide and Coach. He leads Weekly 30-min. Coaching Sessions (using Zoom) that you can join live or on recording (only 20% of members join live).  

2)  The Peak365 Coaching Guide (that includes 24 Power Habits – 8 Mental, 8 Nutrition and 8 Exercise – that you score through the Peak365 App to stay on track and thrive).

3) Two Annual 4-Hour Virtual Wellness Retreats. The Wellness Retreats that Jonathan leads up at his property in Vermont are $1,597 each so these virtual retreats alone are worth your investment in Peak365. 

4) The New Peak365 App (that will go live on 3/6/23):

    • Dashboard

    • The 24 Key Habits (you take your Peak Performance Score based on these habits)

    • The Nutrition Lock-IN Score (this is a simple way to stay on track as far as how you fuel your body)

    • Ability to access the free workouts (12,000 Unique Recorded 30-Minute Workouts)

    • Habit Nudges (water, staying positive, gratitude, exercise, etc.) 

     Coaching Nudges from Jonathan (videos, etc.) to help you keep on track


5)  Private Facebook Group. This is like entering a coffee shop full of positive people who support each other and are focused on becoming better versions of themselves. You become who you hang out with so this group will be a difference-maker for you and your results.


The Peak365 Program is the ideally combination of coaching, guidance, tools and strategies to lead you to feeling the best you can possibly feel.


The investment in your energy, health, productivity, longevity and happiness to join Peak365 is $365 for 12 Months ($1 per day). 

We only offer the 12-month option because we want Peak365 Team Members to be fully committed by committing to a year.

Click here to join Peak365 so that you can make 2023 the Best Year of Your Life!


Here is Jonathan’s full Bio:


Jonathan Roche is an Award-Winning Fitness Expert, Best-Selling Author, 12-time Ironman Triathlon Finisher and 27-time Boston Marathon Finisher (running 26 straight to raise funds for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute).  He is also the Founder and CEO of Breakthrough Health and he holds two patents on Personalized Interval Training.

Jonathan does Peak Performance Coaching for Professional Athletes, CEOs, CFOs and other leaders from some of the largest companies in the US.  In addition, he guides Leadership Teams in attaining Peak Performance through Monthly Team Calls and Keynote Speaking Engagements!

Jonathan’s first book (“The No Excuses Diet”, which is an anti-diet book) hit #3 on the Amazon Best Seller List and was featured on The Today Show.  His second book titled “12 Key Habits to Thrive” was released on 5/23/22 and is on track to surpass 100,000 copies sold by early 2023.  Jonathan is currently working on his third book titled "12 Key Habits to Close the GAP" that will be released on 5/15/23.

Jonathan's goal is to sell 100 million 12 Key Habits books by 2033 (not to sell books but to use books as vehicles to positively transform lives).


Breakthrough Health’s mission is to positively transform 100 million lives by 2030 through the company's patented behavioral change system.

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