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Positive Impact Summit 3
at Beautiful Lake Willoughby in Vermont
(September 6
-8, 2024)


33 World-Class People sharing Key Strategies, Tools
and Ideas to Expedite and Expand our Positive Impact
on our Families, Friends, Teams, Clients and the World! 

Positive Impact Summit 1 - Scott Davis 2 (9-21).jpeg

This Invite-Only Event is for World-Class people
who exemplify 10 Key Character Traits:

  1. Positive

  2. Energetic (Energy Level of 5 - the scale is 0 to 5)

  3. Grateful (An Attitude of Gratitude is contagious and fun to be around)

  4. Healthy (at goal weight or within 5 pounds or dropping 1-2 pounds per week)

  5. Growth Oriented (a student of personal and professional development - read books, watch videos, etc)

  6. Service Oriented (someone who is constantly trying to serve and improve others)

  7. World-Class (someone at World-Class Level or higher on the Peak Performance Ladder)

  8. Humble (Confidence is key to success in sports, business and life but arrogance is annoying)

  9. A Track Record of Excellence, Service and Impact

  10. Impeccable Character


Spend 3 Powerful Days in Vermont Focusing on Elevating your Ability to Serve and Positively Impact Others!

Join Award-Winning Fitness Expert, Bestselling Author, 12-time Ironman Finisher and 28-time Boston Marathon Finisher Jonathan Roche for three Powerful and Life-Changing Days at beautiful Willoughby Haven in Vermont (this is Jonathan's family's 4-acre private property with a 400-foot private beach with breathtaking views of the lake and mountains)!

You will leave this experience inspired, renewed, excited about new life-long friends and with powerful tools and strategies to elevate your service and your positive impact on others!

Each attendee will present for 30 minutes (no slides) and share their answers to the following Key Questions:

1) What is the most important lesson you have ever learned and who taught it to you?


2) What is the most important book you have ever read and what did it teach you?

Each person is required to submit a one or two page book summary in advance of the event.  All the book summaries will be in a binder pre-event.  


3) What is the most important habit you have implemented in your life and how has it impacted you personally and professionally?

4) What advice would you give to your 21 year-old self?

In summary, the presentations will have each participant condense a lifetime of learning down to the most important and impactful lesson, book, habit and advice of their lives!  All the participants will reap the rewards of a lifetime of experiences and wisdom from each other to then drastically elevate their service and positive impact post-Summit!

The Positive Impact Summit format is a combination of:

• A Meet & Greet Thursday evening on the beach:

LW Beach View - 6-27-19.jpg

• A 30-minute Morning Workout overlooking the lake on Friday morning:

• Presentations (no PowerPoints) from all attendees on Key Tools and Strategies:

WH Wedding (7-5-19) - Wedding Tent at Su

• An Awesome  Hike (here is the view from the top of the hike) on Saturday morning:


• Another Awesome  Hike (here is the view from the top of the hike) on Sunday morning:


• Nightly Cookout and Bonfires (Friday and Saturday) overlooking the lake and mountains:

• Lunch will be provided Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

When:  Thursday, September 5, 2024 through Sunday, September 8, 2024.  It starts with the Meet-and-Greet on Thursday evening from 6-8PM and the weekend ends at 4PM on Sunday.

Number of Participants: Limited to 33 (Invite Only). 


Where:  Westmore, Vermont on beautiful Lake Willoughby at Willoughby Haven (2 hours from Burlington Airport and 3 hours from Boston).  This beautiful 4-acre private property is right on the lake with 400 feet of private beach.  

Airport:  Lake Willoughby is a 2 hour ride from Burlington Airport and is a 3 hour ride from Logan Airport in Boston.  

Fee There is no fee.  Jonathan covers everything as this is an invite-only event for world-class people who are hyper-focused on serving and positively impacting others.

Refundable Deposit to Reserve your Spot: Given many late cancellations in 2022 and Jonathan having to cancel the event, he now requires a refundable deposit to hold your spot.  If you attend (or if you have a family emergency and can't attend) you will be issued a credit of $500 back on your debit or credit card post-Summit.

Click here to reserve your spot.  Please note that this is an Invite Only event so please only complete this if you have been invited directly from Jonathan Roche.

Accommodations: Accommodations are not included so please book your own spot.  There are six 2-bedroom cabins on the property that can each be rented for $2,000 (you will have the cabin for up to one week).  Please check with Jonathan about availability (3 out of the 6 cabins are already filled).

There are many accommodation options around the lake:


• The WilloughVale Inn and Cottages: (1 mile from Willoughby Haven).  Call (800) 594-9102 to book your room or cabin.

• The Vermont Mountain Lake Cottages: (.5 of a mile from Willoughby Haven).  Call (802) 525-3072 to book your cottage.

• Green Acres Cabins: (.75 of a mile from Willoughby Haven).  Call (802) 525-3722 to book your cabin.


• The Burke Mountain Hotel: (20 miles from Willoughby Haven).  Call (866) 966-4820 to book your room (they have 110 rooms).

• You can also use or by searching for Westmore, VT.

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