Keynote Speaking

Award-Winning Fitness Expert, Bestselling Author, 25-time Boston Marathon Finisher and 12-time Ironman Triathlon Finisher Jonathan Roche will guide your audience or team on their journey to Peak Performance Lock-IN!


Peak Performance Lock-IN is a state of being at your absolute best physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally so that you can thrive both personally and professionally!

Jonathan is the Peak Performance Coach for Professional Athletes, CEOs and leaders of some of the largest US companies.  In addition, he guides Leadership Teams in attaining Peak Performance through Onsite Training Programs and Keynote Speaking Engagements!  He guides individuals and teams in climbing the Peak Performance Ladder regardless of what level they start at.

Elevate the energy and vibe of your Event or Company Meeting by having Jonathan speak and possibly lead morning workouts!  Your team will leave excited to use elevating their energy and vibe as key competitive advantages to hit your business goals!


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Keynote Speaking Topics:


  1. 3 Key Habits to Achieve Peak Performance Lock-In!

  2. Your #1 Business Strategy should be Elevating your Energy and Vibe!

  3. Be Ready for Life’s 10 Big Moments by Earning Your Awesome!

  4. Disrupt yourself so that market changes are irrelevant!

  5. Nail the Voice Choice: The Most Important Decision of Your Life happens Every Morning!

  6. Insanely Lofty Goals drive Exponential Results! 


Here is Jonathan’s full Bio:


Jonathan Roche is an Award-Winning Fitness Expert, Best-Selling Author, 12-time Ironman Triathlon Finisher and 25-time Boston Marathon Finisher (running 24 straight to raise funds for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute).  He is also the Founder and CEO of Breakthrough Health and he holds two patents on Personalized Interval Training.

Jonathan’s first book (“The No Excuses Diet”, which is an anti-diet book) hit #3 on the Amazon Best Seller List and was featured on The Today Show.  His second book titled “12 Key Habits to Permanent Weight Loss!” will be released on 1/1/22 and his third book titled "12 Key Habits to Beat Diabetes!" will be released on 7/1/22.

Jonathan does Peak Performance Coaching for Professional Athletes, CEOs, CFOs and other leaders from some of the largest companies in the US.  

In addition to coaching, Jonathan flies around the country guiding Leadership Teams in attaining Peak Performance through Onsite Training Programs and Keynote Speaking Engagements!

Breakthrough Health’s mission is to positively transform 100 million lives by 2025.

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