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Peak Performance Lock-IN
Coaching & Leadership Certification

This 12-Week Program starts on Friday, 11/17 
(but you can access the recordings anytime)

Join Award-Winning Fitness Expert, Bestselling Author, 28-time Boston Marathon Finisher and 12-time Ironman Triathlon Finisher Jonathan Roche in Vermont as he guides on you in learning his unique coaching methodology as you become a Certified Peak Performance Lock-IN Coach or Leader!

Jonathan is a Peak Performance Coach for Professional Athletes, CEOs, CFOs and other leaders from some of the largest companies in the US.  He also coaches Moms (he believes being a Mom is the toughest job on the planet) and others leading many diverse careers.  He connects with them on weekly 30-minute calls to guide them in climbing what he calls the Peak Performance Ladder! 

In addition to coaching, Jonathan flies around the country guiding Leadership Teams in attaining Peak Performance through Keynote Speaking Engagements and through Onsite Training Programs!  He also leads Peak Performance Retreats at his special Vermont property.

Over the 19 years since Jonathan started Breakthrough Health in his basement, he has developed and refined a unique and highly-impactful way to deliver Peak Performance Coaching.  His approach is very structured with 24 Key Habits being at the core of the habits his clients take action on while he comes to each weekly call with 1-2 key topics (mostly to build mental tools to win).

Jonathan currently has 40 Peak Performance Coaching Clients who invest $10K-$15K per year to do weekly 30-minute calls.  Plus, he is blessed to have a waiting list.

There is no better feeling in the world than guiding someone in attaining Peak Performance Lock-IN and seeing them thrive personally and professionally.

Become a Certified Peak Performance Lock-IN Coach & Leader


Jonathan is only accepting 20 participants so that he can work directly with and mentor each participant.

Here is an overview of what the Peak Performance Lock-IN Certified Coaching & Leadership Program includes:

  1. Twelve Weekly 90-Minute Zoom Calls where Jonathan guides you through getting certified.

  2. Twelve Monthly Team Zoom Calls to guide you in rolling out additional coaching tools and to provide support.

  3. A Peak Performance Certified Coaching & Leadership Accountability Partner (one of the other participants).  You two will support and encourage each other as you build or enhance your coaching business.

  4. A Detailed Coaching Business Plan that explains everything from the launching of your website, to how to set-up your private Facebook Page, to how to price your coaching programs, to how to how to launch your own Retreats at a world-class location.

  5. Copies of all my Marketing Material (including the emails) to use to attract coaching clients.

  6. A Detailed Guide on How to becoming a Speaker and how to use that to reach and positively transform more lives!

  7. A License to use all the Coaching Tools that Jonathan has developed over 19 years:

    • The Peak Performance Coaching Guide: It contains 24 Key Habits (8 Mental, 8 Nutrition and 8 Exercise) that your clients will use to take their Peak Performance Score.

    • The Control Your Negative Voice System that includes how to guide your cleints in calculating
    their Inner-Dialogue (ID) Score.

       • The Nutrition Lock-IN Scoring System and Tracker.                

       • The Living a Regret-Free Life Program

       • Jonathan’s Peak Performance Lock-In Roadmap.

         • Many additional tools (Win Tomorrow Check List, Win Today Check List, Potential Actualized                  Score, Potential Actualized Effort Score, 12 Key Tools to Conquer Stress, Peak Game Score, etc.)

The one-time investment to join the Peak Performance Lock-IN Certified Coaching & Leadership Program is $6,997. But for the first program we are taking $2,000 off so your investment is only $4,997.


Click here to claim your spot (limited to 20 spots per 12-Week Program)

You have the ability to become a Certified Peak Performance Lock-IN Coach & Leader to then guide your clients to their best selves while building an amazing career and making a substantial income.

Not sure that getting Certified as a Peak Performance Lock-IN Coach & Leader is right for you?  Fill out the quick form below to email Jonathan to request a call to talk through whether you are a fit for the program and so that he can answer any questions you have.

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