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Peak Performance Onsite Training with Jonathan Roche

Tools and strategies are key to thriving in evolving industries.  But your top tools for you and your team to thrive are your collective mindset, energy and vibe! 

Have Jonathan Roche come to your office to train your team to perform at a peak level!


He will spend a half day or a full day guiding your team in understanding and implementing the 15 Pillars of Peak Performance Lock-In (they are listed below). Each team member will finish the Peak Performance Training with a Personal Peak Performance Lock-In Roadmap to use to hunt down their best self.

SPEAKING at Churchill Mortgage - 3-3-20.

15 Pillars of Peak Performance Lock-In

  1. Nurture and Guard Your Energy in order to Earn Your Awesome!
    - Elevate how you show up!
    - “AWESOME!” is unique!

  2. Embrace being a Leader 
    - If you are in a position to be observed by others than you are a leader.

  3. See Yourself as Who You Can Be
    – Not who you currently are!

    - Re-Invention can happen at any given moment! 

  4. Be Purposeful about Listening to Your Positive Voice (Believing in yourself is pivotal)!
    - Life’s Most Important Decision: Do you listen to your Negative Voice or your Positive Voice

  5. Live Like a Pro Athlete!
    - Viewing yourself this way will guide you in living out the Jim Rohn quote of “Invest more in yourself than you do in your job!”
    - Nuture your body and mind in order to be your absolute best self.

  6. Be a Planning Machine
    - You don’t bump into success and it never happens without planning.

  7. Dial in and commit to your Morning and Evening Routines

  8. Set & Frequently Review Insanely Big Goals (Personal and Professional)

  9. Pacing is Key!
    - Nail your Peak Performance Moments (you don’t need to be flying along all day long – just at key moments)
    Emotional Endurance

  10. Consume Positive Content every day!

  11. Take Action (even when it’s uncomfortable)
    - Leverage “Have to!” thinking!
    - Be All In!

  12. Expect and Demand Personal Growth
    - Elevate Your Expectations
    - Choose to Disrupt Yourself!
    - Give up Good to go for Great, Elite and then World-Class!

  13. Use Gratitude to Thrive and Win!

  14. Build a Word-Class Team!
    - Life is a team sport (the people that build the best teams have the most fun)
    - Emulate World-Class people to become World-Class and to Attract Word-Class Teammates!

  15. Be Ready for Life’s Big Challenges & Opportunities
    - You can’t build your sword and armor when the battle begins!


After the Peak Performance Onsite Training Program ends your team will be on-boarded into Jonathan’s Peak Performance Online Coaching Program so that they keep training with Jonathan and our other World-Class Coaches.


Fee Structure:

• The 4-Hour Peak Performance Onsite Training Program is $15,000.

• The 8-Hour Peak Performance Onsite Training Program (delivered in one day or broken up into two days is $25,000.


Click here to email Jonathan and his team for more details or to inquire about available dates.

Here is Jonathan’s full Bio:


Jonathan Roche is an Award-Winning Fitness Expert, Best-Selling Author, 12-time Ironman Triathlon Finisher and 27-time Boston Marathon Finisher (running 26 straight to raise funds for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute).  He is also the Founder and CEO of Breakthrough Health and he holds two patents on Personalized Interval Training.

Jonathan’s first book (“The No Excuses Diet”, which is an anti-diet book) hit #3 on the Amazon Best Seller List and was featured on The Today Show.  His second book titled “12 Key Habits to Thrive” was released on 5/23/22.

Jonathan does Peak Performance Coaching for Professional Athletes, CEOs, CFOs and other leaders from some of the largest companies in the US.  He connects with them on weekly calls to guide them in climbing what he calls the Peak Performance Ladder! 

In addition to coaching, Jonathan flies around the country guiding Leadership Teams in attaining Peak Performance through Onsite Training Programs and Keynote Speaking Engagements!

Breakthrough Health’s mission is to positively transform 100 million lives by 2030! 

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