Peak Performance Coaching

Award-Winning Fitness Expert, Bestselling Author, 12-time Ironman Triathlon Finisher and 24-time Boston Marathon Finisher Jonathan Roche will be your guide on your journey to Peak Performance Lock-IN!

Jonathan is the Peak Performance Coach for Professional Athletes, CEOs, CFOs and executives of some of America’s largest companies.  He also coaches Moms (he believes being a Mom is the toughest job on the planet) and others leading many diverse careers. He guides individuals and teams in climbing the Peak Performance Ladder regardless of what level they have already attained.


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The Peak Performance Ladder has 6 Levels:







Not Good


Jonathan guides individuals in dialing in the mental habits to win and helps them develop and maintain 24 Peak Performance Habits (8 Mindset Habits, 8 Exercise Habits and 8 Nutrition Habits).


The ultimate goal is to lead clients to achieve Peak Performance Lock-In!  That is a state of hitting your true potential personally and professionally and staying there for good!


Why is coaching so effective?  Most people are not self-motivated or if they are they are not being pushed externally to reach for world-class.  The accountability and scoring system leads to coaching clients staying accountable and on-track to thrive and achieve Peak Performance Lock-In!


How Peak Performance Coaching Works:

  1. Guidance from Award-Winning Fitness Expert Jonathan Roche: Jonathan guides you in building and maintaining 24 Key Habits (8 Exercise Habits, 8 Nutrition Habits and 8 Mindset Habits).

  2. The Peak Performance Score: The scoring system relates to the 24 Key Habits and keeps you on track to drive results. 

  3. Accountability Drives Consistent Action: You have to report your weigh-in and score on the 24 Key Habits each week.

  4. The Nutrition Lock-IN Score: This tool simplifies how to turn food into fuel and win the nutrition battle.

  5. Exercise at Home: You do 30-minute Workouts at home with Jonathan or one of the other 10 World-Class Coaches using (the workouts are for all fitness levels and no equipment is used).  Jonathan streams two live workouts per week and all 10 coaches stream 30 live workouts per week.  Plus, there are 8,500 recorded workouts.

  6. Drop Weight: If weight loss is one of your goals then Jonathan guides you in dropping 1-3 pounds per week (without dieting) while cranking up your energy and mood and decreasing your stress!

  7. Hunt Down Your Best Self: You Give Your Home Team and Work Team the Energized, Positive and Best Version of You!  You then Crush 2020 both Personally and Professionally!

We offer two Peak Performance Coaching Programs:
(Both include everything above plus the additional tools listed below)

  1. 1-on-1 Phone Coaching with Fitness Expert Jonathan Roche:

    • Weekly 1-on-1 Call (30-minute)
    • Jonathan guides you in winning the mental game (the true key to reaching your potential) by focusing on 2-3 Key Mental Habits and Peak Performance Habits during each weekly 1-on-1 call.
    • You can call, text or email him anytime with questions.

    There are two Peak Performance Phone Coaching Options:

    • 20 Weekly 30-minute calls for $3,497: Click here
    • 52 Weekly 30-minute calls for $6,997: Click here

  2. Online Peak Performance Coaching:

    Weekly Team Call (30 minutes):
                  • You can listen live or to the recording anytime. 
                  • Jonathan focuses on 2 Game-Changing Topics that will propel you to crush the week and                     have new powerful tools in your mental tool box. 
                  • You can call in with questions or call in to share motivating success stories.

    • Support from your Accountability Partner (Optional): We match you up with an Accountability Partner (based on your goals, age, etc.) and you two support each other and hold each other accountable through email, text or calls.

    • Support from Your Team (Private Facebook Page – this is not required so don’t worry if you don’t use Facebook): You will partner with your team and Jonathan by interacting with and supporting each other through this page.  Plus, Jonathan films random videos to keep you motivated (especially on the weekends).

    • Ask Jonathan Questions: You can email Jonathan questions or ask him questions through the private Facebook page and he does Video Answers.  

    There are two Peak Performance Online Coaching Options:

       • 10 Weeks for $147: Click here
       • 52 Weeks for $297: Click here


Here is Jonathan’s full Bio:


Jonathan Roche is an Award-Winning Fitness Expert, Best-Selling Author, 12-time Ironman Triathlon Finisher and 24-time Boston Marathon Finisher (running 23 straight to raise funds for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute).  He is also the Founder and CEO of Breakthrough Health and he holds two patents on Personalized Interval Training.

Jonathan’s first book (“The No Excuses Diet”, which is an anti-diet book) hit #3 on the Amazon Best Seller List and was featured on The Today Show.  His second book titled “12 Key Habits to Permanent Weight Loss!” will be released on April 27, 2020.

Jonathan does Peak Performance Coaching for Professional Athletes, CEOs, CFOs and other leaders from some of the largest companies in the US.  He also coaches Moms (he believes being a Mom is the toughest job on the planet) and others leading many diverse careers.  He connects with them on weekly calls to guide them in climbing what he calls the Peak Performance Ladder! 

In addition to coaching, Jonathan flies around the country guiding Leadership Teams in attaining Peak Performance through Onsite Training Programs and Keynote Speaking Engagements!

Breakthrough Health’s mission is to positively transform 100 million lives by 2025!

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